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Improvisationals: The Unreleased Recordings

Not everthing that gets recorded is imediately released.

In 2014, JSQ did a triptic of music entitled "Improvisationals", engineered by the great Ken Christianson.

Each of these three movements were composed from material and ideas sourced from my jazz background.

Improvising jazz musicians are collectors of sorts; the music they listen to, practice or dream of become acts of research.

As a composer and improvising musician, both of these acts of creation can influence each other.

Compositional inspiration, sacred as it is, Is only useful if follow by the actual composing and performance of the music. My fasination with improvisation as an art form is also fueled by the precepts of composition and all that inhabits that realm. It helps in understanding the the big picture.

So why wasn't 'Improvisationals' released? Short answer; the unpredictable nature of the music business. I've learn to embrace the single pressing idea.

If you find this interesting, please support this mini project and purchase all three downlaods of "Improvisationals" No.2, No.3 & No.4. With this album purchase we include a score for "Improvisationals" No.2" (composer nerds love this).

Thanks for your support.

Jim Gailloreto